Case Study
Fontana, California Police Department


The City of Fontana has a population of approximately 210,000 and is located in San Bernardino County, California.
After a handful of individual and group training sessions, the smartphone body cameras were rapidly deployed. Within 30 days, all 200 body worn computers were deployed, and the September 1 goal was successfully met. View the body worn computer policy.
A smartphone running Visual Labs mounted on a tactical vest.
A smartphone running Visual Labs mounted on a polo shirt.

Press Conference Remarks

"The City of Fontana is investing in the latest technology to ensure we have the right tools in place to protect our officers and community members."
- Mayor Acquanetta Warren
"I am extremely excited and proud that we are one of the forerunners in this type of technology."
- Chief Robert Ramsey
"We are super excited, as Chief mentioned, to have partnered with Visual Labs as our body worn camera partner."
- Captain Angela Stover
"Our officers stood by our department, and we still do, for the implementation of these recording devices."
- Officer Richard Guerrero, Fontana Police Officers' Association President