Case Study
Levi's Stadium


Levi's Stadium is the home of the San Francisco 49ers and hosts other major events. Its capacity is approximately 70,000.
The 49ers Management company worked with its legal counsel, guest services team, and its security contrator (Landmark) to develop policies and procedures. Visual Labs led training sessions with both website and application users before, during, and after the initial events. Now self-sufficient, a Levi's Stadium Event Coordinator leads the deployment on game days to help check in and check out the smartphones. Given the system's ease of use, the stadium does not need to employ additional personnel to manage the camera program.
Smartphones running Visual Labs deployed at a concert.
Close up of a typical stadium mounting solution.
Note: the wires/lanyard are not part of the Visual Labs system.
Jim Mercurio Vice President of Stadium Operations & General Manager
"Ensuring the safety and security of visitors and staff every time they visit Levi’s Stadium is the number one priority for the 49ers stadium operations team on a daily basis. Advanced technology has become an indispensable component of our event security plans and our partnership with Visual Labs not only helps give our staff piece of mind as they interact with stadium guests, but it greatly enhances our ability to achieve our safety and security objectives for the venue."

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